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Cody Shrum

Short Fiction, Poetry, Scholarship

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Recent Publications

Here are links to some of my most recent publications: short fiction and poetry

Railway Track


Image by Etodayn

The Batman of Perry County

Snowy Day

Following Broken Trails

Cleaver Magazine, Issue 43

Four of them were out that night: two brothers and a couple. They’d been howling at the moon, driving around, being kids—senior year, winter break. Wattles Road was just outside town, nobody around to bother them. The sky hanging over the town was dull gray, its belly full of snow.

Identity Theory, October 6, 2022

It started off as a joke. Some guy in town started showing up to crime scenes dressed in a Batman costume. The cape was made from a black cloth, and where the neck and shoulders met, his skin showed. The boots might have been Wolverines from Wal-Mart...

Livina Press, Issue 1, p. 81

December wind rose through the shadow-strewn street of East Pine. Jon and his younger brother, Max, watched snow flurries float to the ground like glistening butterflies through their front window. Their mother was already fast asleep on the couch, shifting light from the television screen dancing across her face...


Wayward Women

Image by Baptist Standaert

Elvis Presley Performs Miracles

Night Sky

6'4" 300 lb Male Walks Home at Night

Prime Number Magazine, Issue 181

Outside, spring was coming on, though all that freshness was still layered in cold. Laura’s car, parked in the circle drive, was dusted with the remnants of winter slush she’d come through during the seven hour drive from Denver. Inside the house, Laura watched her mother sleep, the bedroom window blinds cracked. Laura was tempted to call this place “home,” but it wasn’t.

The Sunlight Press, Oct. 15, 2020

We’re out searching for our lost dog when it really starts pouring. It’s a monsoon and we can’t see shit, our clothes soaked and no umbrellas because you don’t check the weather when you’re holding back barf at the thought of your dog being lost, scared, worse. I’m carrying my shoes now as we search through the next neighborhood, down the lone cul-de-sac in town. Muddy water flushes grass clippings past us, toward the gas station like fresh mint in cocoa.

The Coop: A Poetry Cooperative, May '21

The moon hangs low in the sky,
dropping light through tree limbs
on my walk home from campus.
October, black Batman hoodie,
backpack hanging from shoulders...

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"How often have I lain beneath rain on a strange roof, thinking of home."

William Faulkner

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Kansas City, USA

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